About the designer


My name is Anna advice. I am a designer, and for more than three years I have been using the famous Orenburg feather scarf in my work. In 2012, it was used in the creation of a jacket for a wonderful art historian, author of books about Orenburg down scarf bushuhinoj Irina Vladimirovna.  This jacket was shown in Zurich at the Scarf exhibition. Then the first Angels flew to London. And now the collection of clothes and souvenirs has about a hundred copies. And all these are my unique, author's ideas and technologies. So weightless Orenburg Angel (22 G.) As a gift flew not only the cities of Russia-Moscow, Sochi, Kazan, Norilsk, Tula, but also far beyond its borders-France, Singapore, America. Currently, the collection of clothing under the brand of Anna Sovetskaya acquired by the Regional Museum of Fine Arts.